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Field of Lost Shoes

The movie is based on a real story of Civil war in the USA. Culmination fight happened in New Market in May, 1864. The group of young cadets of Military institute of Virginia had to face horrors of the world of adults when they were called on protection of Shenandoah of Velli.

5.8 1435

The von Trapp Family: A Life of Music

Agathe von Trapp, the eldest daughter of a well-known musical family, overcomes many obstacles to pursue her musical career and move to the United States.

6.5 350

War Pigs

Fighting pigs — special forces, which purpose — to destroy Nazis where they least of all expect blow.

4.2 2733

Eye in the Sky

War changed forever. New technologies of drones allow to get into earlier inaccessible places and to prevent mass terrorist attacks. But when completion of operation becomes the same lung as pressing of one button, there is the most difficult question. Whether one decision will ruin dozens of civilians or will save thousands of lives?

7.3 71924

Soldiers of the Damned

The German soldiers of times of World War II take the scientist-occultist in the forest with ghosts in Romania where they are resisted by their own ghosts.

3.7 509

A Perfect Day

The group of employees of humanitarian service tries to get a corpse from a well in a conflict zone. Someone threw a body there to poison water, and local people suffer from thirst. The task which seems to the elementary turns into an impracticable mission in which the worst enemy — irrationality. Workers cross the area captured by war, trying to solve this problem.

6.8 17986

Rock the Kasbah

To nobody the necessary musical producer finds the last chance in rescue of the young girl with a gold voice in Afghanistan.

5.5 9506


Story about a dog which helped soldiers with Afghanistan. After tragic incident the dog is taken away to itself home by family of the soldier, responsible for it.

6.8 23847


Cold fields of Scotland, the military camp, always ready to move to other place. Macbeth always in the war, his wife who recently lost the child is afraid to lose also the husband. To hold him nearby, she begins the project on elimination of competitors in fight for a royal crown.

6.6 48580

Brothers of War

Farm boy, Jake, lives for girls, guns and adrenalin; his younger brother, Greg, loves poetry. The tensions and bitter rivalry between the two finally erupt into bloody, life-changing violence. With the dark clouds of war looming over England's green and pleasant land, it is Greg who unexpectedly signs up for front line battle in France. Against a backdrop of chaos and uncertainty, Greg discovers a world of uncompromising brutality. His journey through war-torn France exposes the very best and very worst of human nature along with the realisation that, no matter how far you run, the past will always find a way of catching up with you.

4.5 215

Hyena Road

Three different persons, three different worlds, three different wars — all stand on crossing of modern war — in the muddy world of the changing morality where all not as it seems. Before war they had a quiet citizen near close people, dreams of the future and an opportunity to independently make decisions on the way, but having signed the contract for the sake of money, they became the tool in infinite and senseless war. The sniper is involuntarily involved in life of one of the purposes. The officer of investigation acts as the main motivator in murder. The legendary soldier Mujahideen who decided to avoid battles and bloodshed to the quiet world finds himself in the center of the next slaughter. They are not similar at each other, but all three are forced to turn in the gloomy world where everything in practice appears at all not what it seemed at first sight.

6.5 6132

The Last Rescue

The picture "The Last Rescue" was released in 2015 and at once won attention of the audience in different parts of the planet. Movies from a genre the fighter always enjoyed special popularity, besides when they are shot by such eminent directors as Eric Kolli. The country which laid a hand to this film work is considered the USA therefore the audience can already present approximately picture level on similar creations.

4.8 1239

Beasts of No Nation

The movie will tell about the young man's adventures by name Aga whom civil war in the west of Africa forces to enter the team of mercenaries. To destiny not only that the guy endured death of the father and disappearance of the sister and mother, it immerses him in the life full of violence and cruelty.

7.8 62944

M.I.A. A Greater Evil

A group of u.s. researchers decide to go on an expedition in the footsteps of the Vietnam war. They prepare the necessary equipment and are preparing to hit the road, not yet knowing what great evil in the person of missing soldiers they would have to meet. Hoping to find the legendary treasure, students will find themselves in mysterious circumstances, hidden from the eyes of the Vietnamese jungle forest.

3.7 143


1942. During the dangerous mission in North Africa the intelligence agent Max encounters the participant resistance Marianna. Their feelings are fated to undergo one thousand tests from which test by the truth will become the main thing.

7.1 121893

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

In 2007 the 19-year-old soldier Billey Leann and his platoon engage in Iraq. Fight is removed by war reporters, shots disperse on all news. Billey and his fellow soldiers become national heroes and come back to America for two weeks for a promo-tour which culmination is a show in a break of a football match on Thanksgiving Day. And after it they have to go to war again.

6.3 18619

Hacksaw Ridge

The physician of the American army of times of World War II Dezmond Doss who served during the battle of Okinawa refuses to kill people and becomes the first ideological deviator in the American history awarded Honour Medals.

8.1 353493


Based on a real story of the operation Anthropoid which purpose was an elimination of the general CC Rejnchard Geydrikh. Geydrikh took the third place after Hitler and Himmler in fascist hierarchy. Its elimination, by means of this top secret operation, would put irreplaceable loss to forces of Nazis and made a huge contribution to a general victory.

7.2 37147

Free State of Jones

Events of the movie are developed during the civil war in the USA. After participation in the battle of Corinth Newton Knight is a poor farmer from Mississippi heads group of the deserters of army of Confederation supporting slavery cancellation. Together they are equipped in the District of Dzhons, and begin fight against forces of Confederation.

6.9 43519

The Exception

Netherlands of the 40th years. After invasion of Nazis agents of Resistance try to introduce the person in the house ex-Kaiser Wilhelm II. On this background between the officer of CC and the beautiful young Jew the passionate novel which consequences are unpredictable both for lovers, and for the Kaiser flashes.

6.8 7886

Their Finest

England, World War II. The most part of the empty London battles at the front. The ministry of information of Great Britain employs the screenwriter Catherine Cole whose task - to introduce a part of femininity at the propaganda cinema directed to a raising of fighting spirit. Her inherent talent is quickly noticed by the vigorous producer Buckley. While bombs are detonated around, Catherine, Buckley and the whole team of professionals furiously work on the movie which is designed to warm heart of all nation.

6.8 14561

War Dogs

The story about the friends from Miami who managed to beat out the contract for 300 million dollars for delivery of weapon in the Pentagon.

7.1 149569

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

The movie will tell about activity of the journalist as the reporter in Afghanistan and Pakistan, after arrival there in 2002.

6.6 45518

13 Hours

2012. Benghazi, Libya. The group of terrorists decides "to celebrate" events on September 11 with attack on the American Embassy. From elite special group it is ordered to six of fighters to interfere only as a last resort. But when under the threat of ten of lives, the debt and conscience get the best of subordination. And courageous soldiers without hesitation engage with furious group of fighters. Fight which for all six, most likely, will become the last.

7.3 101364


The American soldier after the failed mission appears alone in the middle of the Afghan desert. Standing one leg on a mine, he cannot move a little and continues to fight for life against sandstorms, predators, own despair and fears.

5.9 12122


Major events shown in this picture are deployed during the second world war. The main characters are two American paratroopers. They will penetrate the Germans occupied the village, which is located on the territory of Normandy. Paratroopers well-trained soldiers, who used to follow the motto "nobody except us." However, this time they have to face not only with German soldiers but also with Paranormal phenomena that arose as a result of the Nazi experiments in this location.

6.9 30043

The Yellow Birds

Two teenagers, Brendon Bartle and Daniel Murphy, appear in the scorching heat of the Iraqi war. Between guys firm friendship is tied, but only Brendon home will be able to return. Now he has to help Daniel's mother to reconcile to loss and to understand as the series of accidents claimed the friend's life.

5.7 2179

Darkest Hour

A story about the first and decisive step of Winston Churchill on a post of the prime minister of Great Britain who received the power at force majeure. Progress of Nazi army excited the British community, but contrary to pressure and fear of other politicians Churchill refuses to go on the agreement with Hitler.

7.4 126425

The 12th Man

The group of fighters of the Norwegian resistance receives a task to reach the northwest Norwegian coast on the vessel "Brattkholm" and to commit diversion on one of the German aviation bases. But the mission came to grief in the sea: the vessel was attacked by the German ship and sunk. Jan Bolsrud was the only person who managed to escape. He manages to reach the coast and to run towards the Swedish border. Pursued by Gestapo, Bolsrud looks for a shelter in mountains. Here it is overtaken by a blizzard, he hides in a cave which appears a deadly trap.

7.4 8969


The American special forces soldier was in Africa when Earth was attacked by hi-tech newcomers. Having faced aggressors, our hero fainted and when regained consciousness locked in the thrown police station, understood that he lost also memory. In the next camera the doctor of local hospital Nadia, and the huge electrified alien robots murderers — not the most terrible was found out what two white people should face in Africa.

5.2 6141

An Ordinary Man

In the center of a plot of the relation, unexpectedly arising between the war criminal disappearing from justice and the only person with whom it keeps in contact — his maid.

5.4 1037

The Wall

Two American soldiers perform a task in the Iraqi solitude and accidentally get to the cunning trap arranged with the enemy sniper. As a result both soldiers come under fire and are wounded to various degrees of severity. One of them bleeds profusely on the open area, without an opportunity to move or reach the automatic machine, and another hides behind a low wall from concrete. The hero managed to take with himself a sniper rifle and the radio transmitter by means of which he is going to call the backup. But for the unknown reasons he gets on the frequency of the opponent who just at this moment sits in several hundred meters from it and tries to make out it in a sniper sight.

Between two soldiers who are at war on the different parties a deadly game in "tag" begins. He is necessary the American military hardly, as well as his companion, bleeds profusely, supplies come to an end, and he does not even know a location of the enemy. Besides the help should not wait in the nearest future, so, it is necessary to rely only on own abilities and forces. The hero should find in himself courage and to host a sniper duel. It is fated to survive in this opposition to only one.

6.2 18933


The movie about the Syrian civil and journalistic RBSS group which members try to expose human rights violations from ISIL and to fight against misinformation campaigns of terrorist group in the native land.

7.4 2666

The Breadwinner

After arrest of the head of family in the Afghan family there were only women, apart from the one-year-old boy. As in this country the woman has no right to be on the street without the husband or the father, young Parvana cuts hair and dresses up as the boy not to allow family to starve to death.

7.7 11352

Bitter Harvest

A story about love, hope and survival against the background of political shocks in Ukraine in the 1930th years. Yury, the hereditary Cossack, tries to obtain beautiful Natalka's love. But his life, as well as life of his many fellows villager, abruptly changes after invasion of the Red Army. The family of Yury and his many compatriots begin to be pursued, Stalin terror spreads over Eastern Europe …

6.1 2833

Sand Castle

The group of the American soldiers is sent to the Iraqi village for water supply system recovery. Not all local welcome Americans as saviors, a part of inhabitants sharply against their presence, and Americans should convince dissatisfied that they him not enemies, and in passing to get out of the village live.

6.3 13434

The Ottoman Lieutenant

Love story between the idealistic American nurse and the Turkish officer against the background of World War I.

6.7 21616

Rebel in the Rye

A story about how the Holden Kolfild was born, the hero of the novel "The Catcher in the Rye", cult for many generations, and as his author — Jerome Salinger — became the most great writer of America who has chosen surprising destiny.

6.6 5090

Thank You for Your Service

A story about three veterans of the Iraqi war who come back to the USA, but can't join peaceful life again. Survivors in the firing line, they find themselves under blow of own memoirs capable to ruin them even in native walls.

6.5 8632


The movie tells about two days from Winston Churchill's life. The British prime minister arrives in Normandy to convince allies to rely on the operation "Overlord" during which the second front in World War II will be open on June 6, 1944. But he has some supporters in this question. How to convince other politicians of the correctness? What to adduce arguments?

6.3 11457


The movie more than three hundred thousand soldiers will tell a story of wonderful rescue during the Dunkirk operation taking place at the beginning of World War II. Events begin the opponent's forces with an environment of hundreds of thousands of British and allied troops. Ensnared on the beach, and being a back to the sea, they come up face to face against an unsolvable situation, meanwhile as a vice of the opponent contracts more and stronger.

7.9 425754

Megan Leavey

Of Libya send to Meagen to group of cynologists where she gets acquainted with especially aggressive dog Rex and gets chance to be engaged personally in his training. During joint service Meagen and Rex have performed more than 100 tasks. But the got severe wounds at explosion have threatened their further destinies.

7.1 17301


At the bottom of the lake the team of special troops of US Navies "Seals" finds the captured war of Bosnia a treasure — gold ingots worth more than $300 million. The mission of the team which has violated the oath and risking life — to lift gold from a lake bottom. For others she would be impracticable, but only not for these freaky guys: they have 10 hours to finish conceived.

5.4 5665

The Zookeeper's Wife

Real story of a brave feat of inspectors of the Warsaw zoo Yang and Antonina Zhabinskikh who have harbored and kept life more than to 300 Jews during the II World war. The daily risk and danger are complicated for Zhabinskikh by relationship with the former friend of the family, and nowadays high-ranking Nazi official Lutz Hek in love with Antonina.

7.0 28199

War Machine

The general Stanley Makkristal — an odious figure in the history of anti-terrorist operations of the USA. Rapid take-off and early resignation because of the scandalous article Rolling Stone in 2010 became one of the events which are most discussed on the political sidelines, having caused the mass of rumors and the assumptions. The movie is based on the documentary book by the reporter Michael Hastings and devoted to the Afghan period in military career of Makkristal.

6.0 31917

Last Flag Flying

30 years later after service in Vietnam the former doctor of naval infantry Larry "Dok" Shepherd meets old friends and colleagues, Sal Nilon and the Reverend Richard Müller again to bury the son — the naval infantryman killed in the war in Iraq.

6.9 16233

The Death of Stalin

USSR, 1953. The country trembles with fear of one person. On March 5 the Secretary general has died. When the great leader leaves, there comes time of race for power. The race has begun!

7.2 48837

First They Killed My Father

The history Un Loong, the Cambodian writer and the human rights activist remembering horrors which she has experienced at the time of board of the killing Khmer Rouge.

7.2 8803

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