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The Scent of Rain & Lightning

When the young woman learns that the murderer of her parents was released from prison, it faces that it should heal old wounds again. In this process she learns the destructive force of hatred and understands the true price of family secrets.

5.1 651


Originally the creators planned to withdraw the restart of the acclaimed film, but then it was decided to make it into the sequel to the first part, the events that unfolded 40 years later. In "Halloween" horrore multiple storylines that are intertwined, when at large would prove to be the most bloodthirsty maniac-Michael Myers. At the beginning of the narrative we are introduced to two journalists who decide to investigate crimes committed villain almost forty years ago. Then he brutally killed four teenagers. After his arrest, Myers was found insane, that helped him get into a psychiatric hospital instead of prison. There, he nearly perished at the hands of his own psychiatrist, shokirovannogo the terrible information, which he told the patient. Reporters visiting villain and try to get it, but they can't. In the end, they are sent back to the editor, unaware that a few hours later, the bus, carrying about a dozen more by Michael and patients will get in an accident. As a result, all patients are at large. Myers manages to track down it came to journalists. Maniac steals from them my mask and goes to Hjeddonfild to find and kill Laurie Strode, who has a daughter and granddaughter Karen Allison.

7.1 48971

Megan Leavey

Of Libya send to Meagen to group of cynologists where she gets acquainted with especially aggressive dog Rex and gets chance to be engaged personally in his training. During joint service Meagen and Rex have performed more than 100 tasks. But the got severe wounds at explosion have threatened their further destinies.

7.1 17301